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Hand felted item care


When you start wearing an felted wool garment or accessory, there might appear piles on the surface; you can take them off easily with your fingers. A well felt item forms piles only at the beginning. Later, they appear less and less, until finally they do not appear any more. The material will be smooth as the skin.


After a contact with liquid foods, immediately clean a felt with water and drain. You don't need to wash felt often as wool has a self-cleaning quality. It is enough to ventilate it in fresh air.


However, if you decided to wash felt, do it by hand in cold water.

You can use detergents for washing wool.

Do not wring or twist the felt.

Gently squeeze water out and lay flat to dry away from heat and direct sun; do not forget to shape it.

Iron when a felt is dry.

It is strictly forbidden to dry an item using the drying machine.
Cannot be bleached.



Enjoy your hand felted wearable art item and be original


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