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Home fragrance diffuser-decoration set of 2

11,00 €
Kvapas / fragrance
Prašom pasirinkti / Please choose

Hand made home fragrance diffuser - decoration set for your interior, for closet, wardrobe, for car.

Home fragrance diffusers come unfragranced - it's your freedom to choose how will smell decorations: your favorite home fragrance, your favorite parfume or essential oil. Set include 2 pcs of decorations.

Latinge supports smart and sustainable lifestyle. The home fragrance diffusers - decorations are multiple time usage. After your favaorite smell will fade away, the decoration-diffuser can be refregranced again and again.

Latinge likes to put some positive ancient signs to enhance the positive energetic vibration of the item. These home diffusers - decorations are decorated with ancient baltic signs for happy and succesful life.


Invite more positive energy and fill home with your favorite fragrances with colorful hand felted merino wool decorations-diffusers.

100% naural HOME FRAGRANCES:

BIO OASIS No.1 -  Coffee and exotic sweets scents.

BIO OASIS No.2 - Gardens in bloom scents (Jasminum & Lotus)

BIO OASIS No.3 - Coctail of morning sun, joy, optimism and energy (citric plants & honeysuckle)

BIO OASIS No.3 - Tender and warm scent for celebration mood (ladanifer & sandalwood)


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